Souvenirs Art pieces from Europe

ceramics and handmade porcelain

Ceramic Candleholders
The candleholder houses also serve as aroma lamps. A candle is placed inside the house, and its light shines through the windows and doors. When the chimney is filled with aromatic oil, it exudes a delightful fragrance. 
Ceramic Beer Mugs
Our series of pigmented ceramic products are equipped with embossed logos, images of attractions and humorous cartoons. 
Ceramic piggy banks
By using various manufacture styles, clay is transformed into a wide selection of products. Our artisans put humor and fantasy into each handmade work. We offer reusable piggy banks in the form of small animals, birds, fairy tale characters, comical caricatures and various items.
Ceramic figurines
A large assortment of figurines made of red clay, white ceramic and fireclay. Comical figurines of people of different professions and hobbies (hunters, fishermen and much more), faire tale characters, cute little birds and animals. 100% handmade, without any pre-made forms.
Ceramic Bells
We offer a variety of artworks, even for those who prefer classical pieces. For example, the popular bells, also referred to as “music of the wind”. These cascades are made of a multitude of bells of different sizes. As the wind blows through them, these bells emit a melodious jingle.
Handmade ceramic bells
Ceramic bells in the form of cute animals, birds, fish, fairy tale characters and houses. Painted with images of angels, flowers and Christmas themes. 
Ceramic panels, plaques and miniatures
Products of various functionalities: pencil holders, thermometers, key holders. Miniatures for a nursery, compositions in the form of animals, birds, insects and other fun characters. Colorful, bright interior suspended decorations in the form of fish. 
Statuettes and figurines of angels, fairies and elves
Products are made in four sizes and price categories. Also, for the very first time, a limited collection of figurines of angels, fairies and elves.
Handmade bone china – a table decoration
Creative designer products made of real English bone china. Pure whiteness and thin-walled elegance, translucent to light. Ease of forms, combined with lively drawings.
Сouple in love
Ceramic Gifts for Lovers in the form of figures with a heart give you and your sweetheart an unforgettable nice gift. Our collection will suit even the most favorite and for those who want to love.

The magical world of craftsmanship

Browse various handmade gifts for him and for the kids. Artistic figurines ceramic decorations, porcelain gifts and clay crafts!

A unique solution if you want to add some appeal and exclusivity to your interior. Ceramic decorations and porcelain souvenirs will create a cozy atmosphere and demonstrate your good taste to your guests. This is an ideal gift for St-Valentines or any other occasion!

WonderLand Store is a great opportunity to purchase truly exclusive jewelry, gifts and handmade souvenirs for your home or as a gift. But in more details…

WonderLand Store – the perfect place to shop for your Valentines gift ideas

WonderLand store focuses on the national crafts of the most distinctive European countries, namely the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Our staff consists of professional artisans who work with red clay, English china and fireclay, focusing on both traditional techniques and modern trends.

For the past 10 years, we have managed to acquire loyal fans, especially due to the fact that we always have something in store to surprise our clients. Our masters are constantly in search of new forms and genres, which is why our catalog is constantly replenished and updated with a variety of amazing things – from fun souvenirs “for the soul”, to artifacts worthy of an art exhibition.

Handmade souvenirs – a brief excursion through the pages of the catalog

What kind of handmade products does our catalog offer?

  • Souvenirs made of porcelain – characterized by its thinness, lightness, transparency and exclusive whiteness. You can buy beautiful cups, plates and even whole sets.
  • Handmade ceramic houses – amazing houses from all around the world, fairy houses and candle-holder houses for aroma candles will make for wonderful decorations in the living room.
  • Clay crafts – original beer mugs and pitchers, piggy banks and figurines, bells and statues make for great gifts and create a special interior décor.
  • Ceramic decorations – delightfully delicate figurines of angels and fairies, ready to decorate a nursery, cascades of bells, magnets, and other elements of interior design.
  • Panels, plaques, and miniatures – small works of art, bearing representational, commemorative or aesthetic functions.

Make sure to check out our « Specials » page for our particularly advantageous offers.

A few words about the advantages of our store

WonderLand Store sells only high-quality handmade goods, ready to be delivered anywhere in the world. Our huge selection of exclusive products will satisfy even the most demanding buyer, and our prices will please everyone.


WonderLand Store – with a love for creativity, with respect for the client.