Ceramic panels, plaques and miniatures

You don’t know what to give to as a gift to your friends, your family and your close ones? Look no more! We will always carry wonderful ceramic plaques and other items of incredible beauty. They are all handmade by masters with great love and professional skill. This fact largely determines the uniqueness of our products.

Family values

Artistic ceramic items complement any interior. Among the items of this art form, you will find little things that you will remember forever! Some artistic ceramic articles can become a real family relic, passed down from generation to generation.

Our company is pleased to offer you the most diverse handmade souvenirs of very high quality. We carried through time all the originality and beauty of the art of pottery.

Introduction to our product selection

On our site you will find a wide variety of souvenir plaques, which are small, rectangular medals with a bas-relief. They are usually fitted with a representation. Amongst these representations:

  • interiors,
  • various kinds of household items,
  • design objects,
  • furniture and other items.

Miniature ceramics in any style selected will also make for a perfect decoration element. 

Ceramic panels have come to us from the era of primitive humans, who used them to express their thoughts, emotions and feelings. Why not use our decorative panels today to express your innermost feelings? A declaration of love in such an unusual form will melt even the coldest heart.

The whole world at your fingertips

We design, fabricate and deliver our products anywhere in the world. We have a great pleasure in knowing that our handmade ceramic panel, having travelled a great distance, will find its way to its enthusiastic owner, even in the most distant country of the world.

If you don’t know which image you want to represent on your souvenir, we can certainly help you with this. Our craftsmen’s artistic flair has never failed them. All you have do is trust their taste and skills. Each decorative miniature is a work of art!