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Handmade Ceramic Lighthouses, Castles and Houses

WonderLand Store, an online shop for souvenirs, gifts and unusual items for the home. Browse between ceramic lighthouses, castles and regular houses of all shapes and sizes. Find beautiful crafts made by talented craftsmen. These unique works of art will make a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special event. They can be given as luxurious presents to a chief executive of a company or as gifts to your beloved grandmother for her birthday.

Only here can you select and buy the most interesting gifts and souvenirs from Europe. We deliver promptly, to any corner of the planet.

Wonderful European Souvenirs - Ceramic Candleholders

You are out of gift ideas for your mom and dad, for your girlfriend’s birthday, or for your sister’s wedding? Take a look at our ceramic candle holder houses. The appeal of these small toy houses will make it impossible to look away. 

Not only do we offer ceramic souvenir houses but also reduced porcelain copies of whole medieval streets. The height of the houses is of 5-6cm. Each miniature building has its own address and serial number, as do real European houses.

The whole creative process of sculpting and firing takes several weeks. Elegant decorative candle holders are created from red clay. The high-quality raw material is rolled out thinly, after which the basic elements of the small buildings are squeezed out with stencils and the finished parts are glued together. After firing, the handmade pottery is transferred to the decorators. Then the mystery transformation begins: bright paint is applied to the facade, graceful balconies are created, and windows and doors are opened. These ceramic houses also make for great lantern candleholders. 

Spectacular Holiday Gifts - Lantern Candleholders

Charming ceramic candleholders created by skilled craftsmen are a delightful decoration for a spacious country cottage or a small city apartment. A magic atmosphere is created as an amazing light penetrates through the doors and windows of the ceramic houses, as though fairy tale gnomes occupy them. By pouring aromatic oil into the pipes of the houses, you get a versatile aromatic night light.

A wide selection of ceramic candle holder houses is presented in our catalog, each of which is created by WonderLand Store’s talented craftsmen. The prices of our fine handmade products will pleasantly surprise you.

A souvenir house acquired in our store will make for a great interior decoration and a great gift for your friends and relatives.