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Our ceramic figurines will complement the design of any room

  • A “Chef”, a “Hunter” or even a “Cleaning lady” would look marvelous in a kitchen,
  • A “Jew with a Torah” would look good on a bookshelf,
  • Fun ceramic animal figurines would decorate a child’s room.


Our figurines would make a great wedding gift. For example, our “Couple” figurine will remind the newlyweds of their happiest day.

Exclusive gift accessories made from environmentally friendly products

Our ceramic artists put their hearts into each one of their works. Each ceramic figurine is made by hand; each one is unique and has its own character and style. The craftsmen use traditional and environmentally-friendly materials – fire clay and red clay. They do not emit any toxic substances and are therefore safe even in children’s rooms. 

We deliver anywhere in the world

Ordering souvenir figurines and other ceramic products are easy. You can place your order online. For your convenience, we offer several methods of payment and delivery. Get your exclusive gift accessories from anywhere in the world! 

We understand that our products are fragile and require careful handling. Therefore, we carefully pack each piece. You can rest assured that you will receive your order intact.