The online WonderLand Store offers its customers ceramic accessories and decor of different purposes. Our selection of products includes candleholders, fun houses for aroma candles, magnets, bells, porcelain figurines, miniatures and many other small wonders for the interior, forming a comfortable environment and a positive atmosphere. Souvenirs and simply beautiful items, dishes, elegant figures of animals and fairy-tale characters - every detail will make your interior unique. In order to enable you to select accessories to your taste and according to the characteristics of your home, we offer a large selection of interior items from the best manufacturers .

Quality assurance

Our requirements for foreign partners supplying our goods is clearly defined and understood, so our partners are aware of their responsibility and offer only high-quality products. In the process of transportation, often there are situations when fragile items are subjected to stress and the risk of being damaged. Our partners always follow our packaging procedures, and our representatives closely monitor the packaging of all our products to make sure they are not broken during delivery.


Most often, our accessories are purchased as a gift. The quality of our products is of paramount importance, as a present of any kind must be flawless. That is why we understand our responsibility to our customers, and we strive to meet the highest standards, selecting only reliable partners that deliver only quality products regardless of the distance and the cost of goods. We verify our products at various stages of the execution of your orders, which is why we can guarantee their quality.