The composition of the 3 bells The composition of the 3 bells

The composition of the 3 bells

Sku 66A03-BEL3-002

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Height: 35 cm

Width: 19 cm

Weight: 600gr


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Home-warming Ceramic Bells

Bells must be kept in every home – it is a well-known fact. With their shimmering, they protect the home from evil spirits, as well as preserve peace, health and kindness in the household. Bells are also part of several religious, healing and other rituals.

Experience the effects of this ancient talisman by buying ceramic cascades of bells in our store. In our catalog, you will find models with different quantities of bells, from 2 to 11. The bells are attached with a durable cord. They will fill the house with light, unobtrusive sounds and become the highlight of the interior design.

Only Handmade

All items on our site are made by hand. Each item reflects the individual style and skill of the artist. For the manufacture of souvenir bells, we use natural ingredients – red clay, fireclay and English bone china. Therefore, our products are environmentally-friendly and carry a special natural power.

We deliver anywhere you want

All you have to do is to select a convenient delivery method, and we will ship your order anywhere in the world. By purchasing souvenir bells from our WonderLand Store, you acquire exclusive, high-quality products at the best prices.